Beauty and your regular garden

Beauty means something unique and different to every person, across the world and across different cultures. No matter what beauty means to you personally, there are certain broad parameters accepted across the world such as – smooth skin, rosy glow, lush hair and a certain aura of vitality. All of these signs come automatically with good health. The Ancient Indian science of Ayurveda has for thousands of years dealt with not just health, but also beauty and vitality. It suggests a healthy diet as per the specific doshas in the human body thereby giving you pure blood, a healthy complexion and internal health which reflects on the outside. Ayurveda also has advice for those seeking to augment their diet with extra help for beauty – external application for problem areas, or simply to increase glow and vitality – and that is the aspect I will cover in this post.

It is not the aim of this post to educate everyone about everything Ayurveda has to say on this subject – it will probably take a mighty fat book to cover even half of the vast subject. I intend to bring your attention to the hidden treasures in your own everyday garden. You might not know about them, or even if you do, might not be aware of all the benefits (I don’t claim to know all the benefits either); or simply might find them cumbersome for your lazy self. The intention of this post is to jerk you into action, so that you reap the manifold benefits out of those plants you’ve probably had for ages and never considered as sources of ethereal beauty.

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Going out of Station? Here is how to ensure your plants don’t die

Hello again friends!

I have been out of station and out of touch with the world of blogging for about ten days; but you might have guessed that from the title of the post. One of the major worries before I left was how to arrange for the livelihood of my plants, as ten days of neglect in the sweltering Delhi weather is like a death sentence. Well as they say, where there is a problem, there is a jugaad 😀 And so, I found some means to ensure they at least stayed alive and when back, decided to share the gyaan with the larger audience just in case I ended up helping someone 🙂

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Happy Krishna Janmashtami – celebrating Krishna’s birthday and the eternal relationship with Tulsi

Jai Shree Krishna!

Today is Krishna Janmashtami – The birthday of the beloved Lord Krishna.

Krishna was the son of Prince Vasudeva and Princess Devki of Mathura. Devki’s brother Kansa, the crown Prince of Mathura, loved her a lot but he was an arrogant tyrant to his subjects. At the time of the ceremonial adieu to the Bride and Bridegroom, an Akaashvaani (Heavenly announcement) told him that the eighth son of this very Devki will be his nemesis. Kansa immediately arrested the newlyweds and threw them in prison. He even arrested his father, the king of Mathura, for trying to stop him form this atrocity. In time, Devki had sons and he went on killing all of them one by one. Their seventh son, Balrama, survived by being transferred to Vasudeva’s first wife, Rohini. When it was time for the eighth child to be born, Vasudeva had a dream that told him that his eighth son was no mean human. This child was the supreme Godhead himself, who was descending not just to eliminate Kansa, but to purge the earth of atrocious tyrants and to show humanity the right way to live and the right way to come closer to the divine.

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The Essentials of Gardening 2.0 – The Pot – How to tell good terracotta from not-so-good terracotta

Good evening,

I hope all of you had a nice weekend 🙂

Mine was busy, what with the weather playing hide and seek. It seems that the phase of heavy torrential rains was only sandwiched between hard-hitting hot summer on both sides. The sun has become much harsher, and my inability (read: laziness) to water plants twice daily and to move the tender ones out of the harsh sun, has resulted in some unhappy plants. The Cycus is showing yellowing leaves, the leaves of the Cordyline seem burnt as if a lens were used to concentrate the sun’s rays (the way we used to do in school, how many of you have tried this?) and the other plants while healthy, have soil dry as a bone by the end of the day.

Much of the weekend went in repair work – moving and rearranging plants, raking up the soil and multiple waterings to ensure they began to come back on track. It’s as if they’re literally drinking the water! Anyway, I have done what I thought I should have for now, and the effects of the changes will need some time to be visible.

Today, I’m going to start the “Essentials of Gardening 2.0” series, in which I will delve in more detail in some aspects mentioned in this post. The first of the list was the pot, and that is where the new series begins.

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