So what’s new with my garden?

Hello there!

Last week was an eventful one. What with the nine-day Goddess worshipping festival of Navratri (meaning Nine Nights) and then Dusshehra (The day Lord Ram vanquished the demon Ravana, and also the day the Mother Goddess destroyed the half human-half buffalo demon Mahishasura, earning the epithet of Mahishahuramardini, meaning the one who killed Mahishasura); the days and nights were all too busy and full of hustle-bustle. My parents were here, and that obviously meant some garden time with them.

This post will discuss the events of the last week related to my garden, and the “yaayy 😀 ” and “urrghhh :-/ ” moments these events led to in the subsequent days 🙂

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Five Plants for the Negligent Gardener

Hello friends!

Finally back to base, unpacked and back in the regular grind-mill. The hangover of the vacation is not over yet, and the festive season isn’t helping. Someone very wise has said: “No one needs a vacation more than the person who has just had one.” Give him/her an award, I say. Truer words have never been spoken. Nevertheless, life awaits and somebody has got to go live my life, so I guess it’s convenient to all if that person is me 😛

The plants in my absence were very ably taken care of by my husband and are as hale and hearty as I’d left them. The two weeks that under a negligent caretaker would have killed my plants, have seen them thrive under the care of my attentive caretaker (Well done, you). This prompted me to think about those who aren’t lucky enough to have this back up arrangement. You may be in a job that calls for frequent travel or may be basically a negligent gardener. By “negligent” I mean those who forget to water their plants and fertilising or pruning are words they’ve never heard even in dreams. If you are one of them, read on 🙂

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Did you know you could grow a plant in that???

Erm, Hello!

I know, I know. In the last post I said I’ll not procrastinate writing the next one. And here I am, after ten whole days. Well, ten days is a lot better than twenty, no? 😀

Actually, I’m on a vacation, sort of. I’m at my parents’ place and trust me, you have to see this place to believe how green and beautiful and quiet it is. Add that to the fact that I have to do absolutely nothing here, and you can understand why writing did not really seem very inviting. Nevertheless, I could not keep off the thoughts of gardening even though I am physically away from my garden.

So here I am, with another post. I welcome you back to the somewhat lazy, somewhat tiring, but never boring world of my garden and its adventures. This post is as much as a bucket list of things I want to try in my garden as it is of things you can try out if you wish to. The list was actually very very long, so this is the part one of an part series (Read: I don’t know how many parts). is a natural number, of course.

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