Low Maintenance Flowering Plants in India

Soooo I’m back! It’s been a gap longer than planned, but it was definitely worth it! 🙂 I went on a trip with family and it was the most rejuvenating trip I have undertaken in my life. Yet 😀

While there in the Himalayas, I saw such loveliness and greenery around me that it made me think about my dreary Delhi garden with mirth. However, more on what I found and managed to capture in my camera (when I could) in another post; even I don’t know the names of half of those plants I found in the wild! I also found many balconies covered in flowers in riots of colours and that made me think that while everyone likes a balcony brimming with flowers, not everyone has the patience and the time to nurture delicate flowering plants. Most of the flowering plants we buy from nurseries usually die before they even reach flowering stage. Some are meant to be trees and hardly oblige when in pots.

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