How to get Chrysanthemums to Bloom

Welcome back to The Vibgyor Chronicles in the new year. I hope all of you have had a stupendous start to 2016, whether you hope to stick to your resolutions or have already ditched them. I’m a little late on the new year wishing bandwagon, but as long as it’s still January, it’s valid 😀

Chilling winters have been putting me out of action here in Delhi. While the chill isn’t as bad as last year, it is still chilly enough for me. I’m like that one friend everyone has, who’s always cold. So much so, that my fingers and toes are scary freezing cold all the time and it takes me ages to warm up. Given these circumstances, I clearly couldn’t (read: didn’t want to) spend hours in the garden serving my plants. However, I didn’t want a barren garden either, since most of the plants I have are summer bloomers. So what did I do? I brought some lovely colourful and low maintenance winter bloomers for my garden – Marigolds and Chrysanthemums. They’re known as Genda and Guldaudi in Hindi, and given the number of balconies sporting these very plants, their popularity cannot be doubted!

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