10 Red Flowers Anyone Can Grow!

No matter how much we love any colour across the spectrum, Red has remained the king of colours somehow. Its association with beauty and passion dates long back. World over, it has been associated with heightened emotions such as romance, anger and love. A faint red glow on the cheeks signifies good health and beauty, as well as attraction towards the opposite gender. In India, red is associated with marital bliss, good fortune and also Goddess worship. Red is the favourite colour of the Mother Goddess, and she is especially offered blood red Hibiscus flowers in her worship. Most brides on their wedding day, wear red clothes and bangles to signify hopes of strong love and marital bliss in their newly forged relationship.

Similarly in a garden, the addition of deep red flowers lifts up the appearance and somehow completes the display. Here, I bring you 10 low maintenance plants with red flowers, which can be grown across seasons.

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A Spontaneous Artsy Project

Hello again!

Last week has been very fulfilling. A number of my plants rewarded me for my long wait. Tomato seeds are germinating, stubborn Dianthuses that I grew from seed have finally bloomed, the red Sadabahar has decided not to die and has rewarded me with blooms, the red chrysanthemum has two and the calendula has three new blooms…. phew!!

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My Gardening Resolutions of 2016 – The 1 Month Milestone check

It’s been a month since the new year began. Since a year has 12 months, it should remain new till the half mark in June; shouldn’t it? I believe that a year remains new at least till the end of the first quarter. So if any of you find me yelling “Happy New Year” in February, do not panic. It’s a part of my “Staggered New Year Wishing” programme. I wish people later than others because otherwise my wishes would drown among hundreds of other wishes. See? I’m not lazy. I’m smart. With a programme. 😀

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