A Spontaneous Artsy Project

Hello again!

Last week has been very fulfilling. A number of my plants rewarded me for my long wait. Tomato seeds are germinating, stubborn Dianthuses that I grew from seed have finally bloomed, the red Sadabahar has decided not to die and has rewarded me with blooms, the red chrysanthemum has two and the calendula has three new blooms…. phew!!

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In the last post I shared the picture of my budding succulent leaves. The leaves had sprouted roots and tiny plants as well, and time was ripe to transplant them to their own pots. As I set out to transplant them, I realised I didn’t have any pots. I decided to hunt among old containers for something suitable, and I found two small old glasses we don’t use anymore. They didn’t have drainage holes and I don’t have a drill to make any holes, so the activity turned to be that of making two tiny terrariums for my tiny succulent plants.

I have already made a terrarium in my early gardening days, and I followed the same process this time as well, as mentioned in this post. I cleaned the glasses, added pebbles at the bottom to create drainage for the water, added charcoal to keep the water clean and then lined the glass with a layer of moss for sustained moisture release to the plants. Finally added a layer of soil and tucked my tiny plants in 🙂

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To give them a finishing touch, I decorated the soil layer with some seashells, and placed them in their final home (do not miss the gorgeous calendula in a glass) 🙂

They will receive a lot of indirect light here. Once watered, the terrariums won’t need watering for at least two weeks now, since water loss is lesser then usual owing to absence of drainage holes and succulents need lesser water than other plants.

These tiny terrariums are so cute; they make perfect gifts for anyone who loves art, DIY home decor or plants! I wouldn’t gift these to anyone yet, the plants are tinier than the shells. As the plants gradually grow up, I expect this arrangement to look a lot more stunning and then maybe I’ll think about it. Or may be I’ll keep them myself 😀

So that’s what I have been up to the past week! Much more is hopefully going to happen in my garden soon, and I will keep sharing everything with you 🙂 Until we meet again, take good care of yourself and your garden!



3 thoughts on “A Spontaneous Artsy Project

  1. Once more a wonderful post….I love the containers you have used and surprised to note that these tiny beauties can look so captivating in their new home. Nice use of sea shells, at the top has added more value to them….a big thumbs up to your innovative selection of containers and arrangement of shells and plants.


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