Essentials of Gardening 2.0 – How to garden on a budget

Gardening is an expensive hobby. You may grunt in disapproval, or burst out laughing, but I would shush you and move on; for if you think what I said is untrue, you’re a novice. I can finally call others ‘novices’ confidently, having successfully made it through harsh Indian summer and winter and back to skin-burning, plant-dehydrating, life-sucking summer.

So as I was saying, gardening is an expensive hobby. But it need not be so. The reason I started the blog was to help urban gardeners live their gardening dream, and cost effectiveness is a very important factor there. Hence, today I’m here to tell you how to save money while creating your perfect garden.

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Resolutions 2016 Follow up – Saving seeds

April has dawned and most of us have probably forgotten how to correctly spell the word ‘Resolution’ by now. It’s the same pattern every year, but at the cusp of the change of year we all jump on the joyride that is ‘New Year Resolutions’. It gives us a sense of purpose, a sense of hope that the next year will be better than the last. I wish we worked more towards keeping our resolutions. This year I decided to chronicle my gardening resolutions here on my blog so that I have ready access to them and I can measure my performance against them.

You can read about my resolutions and my first steps in this post. I have worked decently well towards each of them, I think. I have grown my own tomato plants from seed, which are now flowering. I have reused some old glasses as tiny terrariums for succulents (see this) and have now painted a spare colander in which I will shortly plant a container garden as soon as I have enough plants. I have brought new plants and bought some seeds to bring in more seasonal variety, more will be done once summers advance upon us in full swing. Each of the above is a separate and long discussion in itself, and today I’m going to talk about seed saving.

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