Garden Photography May: Wild Flowers from the Himalayas

Hello, and welcome back to The Vibgyor Chronicles!

Today’s post is more visual than text. I was browsing around and stumbled upon the Garden Photography Challenge by The Earth Laughs in Flowers. Every month, a new theme for Garden Photography is presented and the theme for the month of May is Wild Flowers. You can visit the May Wildflower posts by the author of the blog, Jude, here.

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3 Tips For Planting Amazeball Window Boxes

Great tips for planting window boxes by the awesomely creative team at Button Jar!

button jar

Posted by Katie Gambone

Katie_GallupWindow boxes

Window boxes are a great way to pretty up a dull home exterior and add a little extra green to your life.  As I mentioned in my post, Project Curb Appeal, this is the first of several projects Carlo and I are tackling to make the front of our house appear more welcoming.

So, window boxes.  If you are thinking “I don’t have a green thumb,” don’t worry.  I didn’t either.  A few years ago I went to a class at City Planter to learn how to plant window boxes.  The three best tips that they taught me that have made me a successful window box gardener (I’ve determined I’m successful because over the years a few neighbors have said “Hey, your window boxes look really nice.”) are:

1. The deeper the window box, the easier it will be to keep your plants well watered…

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Five Excuses the Beginner Gardener Can Stop Making — Glean For Good

Several misunderstandings prevent an interest or belief from becoming practice in our lives. This post aims to remove the anxiety in starting a new garden. Let’s find some solutions so you can get a peaceful start! Excuse #1- “I’m too busy”. You have 2-3 hours this weekend. Consider a perennial garden. Take a couple hours to shop and plant […]

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