Garden Photography May: Wild Flowers from the Himalayas

Hello, and welcome back to The Vibgyor Chronicles!

Today’s post is more visual than text. I was browsing around and stumbled upon the Garden Photography Challenge by The Earth Laughs in Flowers. Every month, a new theme for Garden Photography is presented and the theme for the month of May is Wild Flowers. You can visit the May Wildflower posts by the author of the blog, Jude, here.

I would normally have been quite bowled over by this theme because I am a quintessential urban dweller. There aren’t many cracked sidewalks or buildings with wildflowers growing. The few cracks in the wall I have found are all inhabited by the ubiquitous Peepal that somehow always finds a way to grow exactly where it shouldn’t.

However, thanks to my trip to Uttarakhand in the Himalayan foothills, I have a few pictures of the most beautiful flowers growing in the wild, at times in inhospitable conditions.

Please click on the images to enlarge them.


Oh, the rich diverse beautiful colours! The pristine white, the sunny yellow, the cool lavender and the fiery orange! Such beauty and such a vivid colour palette; nature truly is an artist beyond comparison.

Do not ask me for names of these flowers. I have no idea. I might have tried to find out, but I’m happy just looking at them. These beautiful flowers are growing uncultivated and uncared for in the wild, in conditions deemed unfriendly for flowering plants. If this isn’t a miracle, what is? 

There was so much more that I could not capture in my camera because either the terrain was too dangerous (I’d rather have all four limbs than a picture, thank you very much) or I was engrossed in enjoying the moment through my own eyes rather than a lens.

I hope these stunning flowers give you as much pleasure as they give me. I will be back with updates of my balcony garden soon. Until then, take care and keep digging! 🙂

P.S. I have a lot in the pipeline that I want to share with you, but I just cannot seem to make the time to actually do it. May be I am being my typical lazy self, sigh. However, I promise to work on it and share more often 😀





2 thoughts on “Garden Photography May: Wild Flowers from the Himalayas

  1. I am very surprised to see such a variety of flowers growing in the Himalayan foothills, especially the cactus! How delightful. I know we get a lot of plants from that region, but it never occurred to me that cacti would thrive there. So glad you spotted my challenge and shared these photos. You must be the first from that part of the world. Thank you 🙂
    Jude xx

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