A Year Older, A Year Wiser….

Tomorrow is my birthday, and as usual, my approaching birthday has filled me with a mixture of random thoughts. How difficult must it have been for my mum to be in labour in such intense heat of June. How another year has gone by leaving me as clueless as ever, except maybe the subjects of my cluelessness have changed. How a year older need not mean a year wiser. How I am approaching the scary monster of ’30’ at breakneck speed.
However, not all my thoughts are morose or contemplative. The new year in my life is a fresh chance to introspect and correct mistakes, to set new targets and work towards achieving them, to put an end to some things and begin some others.

A year ago, I started my humble balcony garden with 5 or 6 pots. In a year, the number has gone to 20. I was sceptical, afraid, shy but extremely optimistic about someday creating a space where we could sit and enjoy a cup of chai amid nature. I am not quite there yet, but my journey has been satisfying. I have invested a lot of myself in this space, and I have learnt a lot.

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