10 White Flowers Anyone Can Grow!

White is known as the colour of peace, the colour of purity, the colour of perfection. Despite some people not considering it a ‘colour’ in the technical sense, it has never failed to charm humanity in some form or the other.

In our gardens too, it has made its presence felt. There are so many options available in white that in some way or the other, it sneaks into our gardens. White flowers are usually fragrant, because they don’t have the bright attractive colours to lure pollinators, and need some way to attract them. Some of the most loved fragrant native flowers in India are white. Let’s delve into my top 10, shall we?

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The Blog turns One, Happy Birthday to Us!!!

Today is a special day. It’s the first birthday of the blog! Happy birthday to us – me, and YOU; for you are a huge part of the blog.

I started this blog as a way to chronicle my journey as an amateur gardener learning by making her own mistakes. I’ve also tried to make it a place for other amateur gardeners to learn without making the same mistakes as me. It has been exhilarating and frustrating in equal measures, but that’s how life is, isn’t it?

I have succeeded, I have struggled and have failed, and have learned about gardening and life in the process. I have seen my carefully planted pots come tumbling down in front of my eyes, and I have picked up the pieces and planted afresh. I did not know I had such patience, such childlike joy and such immense love inside me before I started gardening.

Gardening has successfully changed me from a vagabond to a nurturing caring person. I’ve learned that a garden is not just for pleasure, it’s an investment of your hard work, your time and your soul. However, I would never have been so invested and dedicated to my tiny garden had it not been for the blog. I learn so that I can share with you. I read so that I can tell you. I click pictures so that I can show you how a small space and little effort can produce such breathtaking beauty. I work and I learn by making mistakes so that I can tell you what not to do.

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10 Yellow Flowers Anyone Can Grow!

Yellow is the colour of sunshine, and a colour very auspicious to Hindus. It signifies spring, fertility and happiness. A pop of yellow in a garden is very pleasant to the eyes, but unfortunately we don’t find yellow often enough in gardens. Most of the time it is because of lack of options or simply because of too many options in more popular colours such as Red or White or Pink.

Today in this post I bring you ten stunning options in yellow to bring some cheer and sunshine on your own balconies.

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