10 Yellow Flowers Anyone Can Grow!

Yellow is the colour of sunshine, and a colour very auspicious to Hindus. It signifies spring, fertility and happiness. A pop of yellow in a garden is very pleasant to the eyes, but unfortunately we don’t find yellow often enough in gardens. Most of the time it is because of lack of options or simply because of too many options in more popular colours such as Red or White or Pink.

Today in this post I bring you ten stunning options in yellow to bring some cheer and sunshine on your own balconies.

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1. Bougainvillea:

The best buddy of summer. Doesn’t need much water, doesn’t need any maintenance. Just plant and forget. Multiple shades of pink and pearl white are the most popular colours of Bougainvillea, but yellow Bougainvillea is very stunning. If you have a large enough plant (which it will soon become if you plant it in the ground), its shiny yellow blooms dripping from its leaves are a sight to behold!

Stunning Bougainvillea blooms

Even in yellow there are multiple different shades available. Look online or at your local nursery and choose the shade that suits your fancy 🙂

2. Dahlia:

Dahlias are some of the largest flowers I have ever seen. Some of them are as big as dinner plates. NOT KIDDING. Why wouldn’t anyone that gorgeousness in their garden, eh? I can’t wait for Dahlia planting to begin.

Of the the multiple colours I plan to bring, yellow is definitely a top contender. Dahlias in pure yellow or combinations are some stunning sights to see.



3. Roses:

The king of flowers. How can a list of flowers in any colour be complete without the mighty rose? Yellow roses are dearer to me than red, I kid you not. Somehow the perfection in the neatly folded petals of a rose seems amplified when it’s yellow.


The colour of happiness and cheer coupled with the flower of happiness and cheer. What more could you want?

4. Chrysanthemum:

A staple for balconies and gardens in Indian winters. They’re low maintenance, they go dormant if off-season ready to spring into action when the time comes, they’re prolific bloomers – what’s not to love? They’re available in more colours than I could have imagined. Chrysanthemums in yellow and yellow combinations bring stunning, eye-catching beauty and much needed warmth in your winter garden.



5. Lily:

Lilies are the most ubiquitous variety of flowers. There are so many varieties and colours and sub classes that will leave you boggled. There is enough yellow there too, and some of the most stunning lilies you will ever see are yellow. Take a look:





What reason could you have for not bringing that home? I know I don’t have any.

6. Pansy:

Also known as Viola – Pansies too are winter flowers for Indian gardens. They’re known as “Kutta Phool” in Hindi, meaning the Dog Flower, because flowers look like the dog heads. The variety you will find in terms of colour in Pansies is baffling. Some of the most stunning I have seen are in yellow and yellow combinations; take a look at the pictures below and you’ll see what I’m saying.






The fact that they’re very low maintenance and happy bloomers is a great reason to bring them home this winter.

7. Petunia:

Petunias are found on every second balcony in winters. And why not, they’re beautiful, low maintenance, produce more flowers than leaves and are perfect for hanging baskets! The charm of a hanging basket laden with Petunias is unbeatable.

Petunias also offer great options in yellow, and to be honest there’s no colour I like better in a Petunia hanging basket than yellow.




Belonging to the “plant and relax” category, Petunias will give you great returns for minimal effort investment. Buy a yellow petunia hanging basket, hang it and sit back and watch sunshine spill over your porch.

8. Marigold:

A must-have in all Indian gardens. An important part of auspicious ceremonies and decorations; Marigolds are found with great abundance. No one can deny the warmth and cheer Marigolds bring to a ceremony. Both the Orange and Lemon yellow varieties are popular in India, and plants laden with flowers are a joy to behold!



9. Sunflower:

When the discussion is about yellow flowers, how can the big brother, the mighty Sunflower be left out? Large yellow flowers that stand upright and face the sun are the perfect way to bring some yellow goodness in your garden.


10. Calendula:

Calendulas look like miniature sunflowers, but actually belong to the Marigold family. Also known as Pot Marigold, Calendulas are beautiful and adorable flowers. They’re medicinal too, and their sunny yellow brightness lightens up the look of any balcony.

Their beautiful display goes on for months, and the flowers are a favourite of bees as well!



So what do you think, about getting some golden sunshine for your porch? I am definitely getting more yellow in my garden, not only because I love the colour, but also because yellow with green forms a delightful combination!

Do point out in the comments any great yellow flowers that I’ve missed. I love hearing from you guys, your feedback helps me improve! So keep the comments coming 😀

Until we meet again, ciao 🙂

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